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Microbiology section is one of the accredited sections at National Health Laboratory Quality Assurance and Training Centre (NHL-QATC) under ISO 15189. The section performs convectional culture using in- house prepared culture media for identification of pathogens like Vibrio Cholerae.

The following specimens types receive for testing:-

  1. Stool/Rectal swabs
  2. Blood, Sputum
  3. Genital swabs
  4. Urine
  5. Pus Swabs
  6. Throat Swabs
  7. Cerebral Spinal Fluid and other body fluids

Ordering Microbiological test
Microbiology section at NHLQATC serves as a reference and backup laboratory to all Hospital Laboratories tests (mostly bacterial infections) during the disease outbreak and surveillance, also support reagents and equipment depends on availability.

For Laboratory requesting test for outbreak, referral or quality check is mandatory to complete the   NHLQATC -Sample request form (F063) available in this website (link for sample request form). The requirement and nature of the specimen needed for each requested tests to be clearly stated as per Sample Collection Manual available in this website (link for sample collection Manual).

For customers aiming to use Microbiology for research purposes, they will be required to come at NHLQATC management for discussion on study protocols on volume and how to handle research samples and signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Activities conducted in Microbiology

  1. Diagnostic
    Confirms outbreak and other referral samples that are brought for pathogens identification and Antimicrobial susceptibility testing due to lack of reagents and insufficient skill from other Laboratory staff
  2. Surveillance
    Systematic collection of priority pathogens and communicable pathogens for analysis and reporting to MOHEDGEC, the section is able to do all surveillance of bacterial diseases like Vibrio Cholerae and Antimicrobial resistance(AMR)
  3. Training
    Microbiology section provides training for Basic microbiology for Laboratory personnel on bacterial identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing for other Laboratory with support from donors/partners
  4. Mentorship and Supportive supervision
    Sections provide Microbiology Mentors for mentorship at the NHLQATC or to be done at respective Labs and do supportive supervision upon request/demand
  5. Provision of External quality assessment (EQA)
    Section prepares samples, analyze results and coordinate EQA program to other Laboratories. Currently EQA panels include Gram stain, Culture for pathogen identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing.

    Testing Laboratories receiving EQA samples will be communicated through the appropriate channel. Any other Laboratories willing to participate are required to submit a request stipulating the scope of their tests needed to be enrolled. For more clarification and support, please contact us through the detailed contact information.