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Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation is not only a crucial component of the laboratory activities but is the bedrock to the development of the NHLQATC as a top class, NHLQATC is deemed to maintain its quality by attracting and retaining skilled scientific staff.

  1. Research
    The aims of the research carried is to address questions relating to the detection of micro-organisms and the detection of factors governing transmissibility and distribution and factors affecting distribution, interventions and monitoring of the effectiveness as well as biological resistance to interventions daily. Results of research assist in the provision of essential information to health authorities in the understanding of communicable diseases problems in the region as well as to assist in the planning and management of communicable diseases. E.g. HIV impact
  2. Evaluation
    We are conducting Evaluation services to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results from specific test methods and testing equipment. This is done through a systematic determination of the subject's merit, worth and significance, using criteria governed by set of standards and protocols and makinga judgment about the value after assessment thatinclude:
    • Reagent and reagent kits
    • Equipment