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Processing of the request

Processing of the request

Processing of all submitted requests for Clinical Chemistry will be done as per the NHLQATC technical procedures (available at NHLQATC only-not included at this website)

Release of results
When sample requests are processed and samples tested according to NHLQATC technical procedures, a report is prepared. The result report is given to the requester at the reception and the individual collecting the results reports is required to sign on the Dispatch form (F248) at the reception as evidence that reports have been collected by the requester.
However, when the requester, by any reason cannot come directly at the reception to collect the results reports, he/she is required to inform the service provider on the modes of results collection (e.g. emails) and required to provide the correct email address through which the results will be sent. Records of this communication will be created upon request submission.
For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through the provided contacts under this website.