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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our laboratory is accredited under IEC/ISO 15189:2012 Medical laboratories requirements for quality and competence by SADCAS in 2014. NHLQATC has been tasked by Ministry of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) to oversee all laboratory functions in Tanzania.We offer the following services:

  • External Quality Assessment¬† (EQA)
    • We prepare and distribute Proficiency Testing materials to other laboratories in Tanzania that includes
      • Dried tube specimens for HIV(DTS)
      • Blood smears for Microscopy
      • Bacteriology gram stain, Culture and Sensitivity Microbiology
      • HIV Early Infant Diagnosis
    • We are coordinating the distribution of Proficiency Testing (PT) materials that are produced by other PT providers inside and outside the country. Our collaborators (PT providers) in Proficiency testing are such as:
      • QASI
      • GeneXpert
    • We are planning to expand scope of PT provision in
      • TB microscopy
      • Clinical Chemistry
      • Hematology
  • Inter laboratory comparison
    • We are participating in inter laboratory comparison with several laboratories in country to improve the quality of patient results
  • Supportive supervision and mentorship
    • We have trained and competent staffin different disciplineswho are also mentors (local and International) in different expertise that includes: Quality Mangement System, Safety, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Laboratory Information Systems, Parasitology, Serology, surveillance, etc.
  • Post market surveillance and Quality check
    • Post market surveillance
      • For the equipment and reagents already in the market, in collaboration with PHLB/TFDA we are checking their performance if they are still giving an accurate results
    • Quality check
      • Quality check is done by checking performance of equipment or reagent before being put into use using set criteria and standards. Team of committed staff at our laboratory is collaborating with Private Health Laboratory Board (PHLB), Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA), Equipment vendors and suppliers to ensure all equipment meets set criteria